Sunday, February 9, 2014

Honor What They Love

When I was about twelve years old, I would get my allowance of $2.00 a week and walk to the music shop and purchase a new 45 RPM record for $1.35. I had a blossoming interest in music, and with any spare time that I had I would listen to my records or watch MTV. Every Thursday night my mother would come into my bedroom and sit on my floor so she could listen to whatever new record that I bought that week. She would share with me what she liked about the song and listen intently, smiling and focusing on whatever song was playing. I loved when she did this and I have never felt so close to my mother as when she would take an interest in something I loved, such as my music.

When we love something, it is an extension of ourselves and when celebrated by those we love, becomes a source of great connection, acceptance and bonding. 

My sweet husband, Joe, and son, Devin, love the show, "The Walking Dead." They have been watching it since the very beginning and anticipate every new episode with excitement. The second half of a new season starts tonight and as a way to honor their passion for the show, I made a Walking Dead, zombie-themed dinner. I wanted to tap into this source of joy and intensify it for them. Although I do not anticipate ever loving the show as much as they do, I wanted them to know how much I love and honor who they are and what they love. It is through honoring our loved one's interests as an extension of who they are, that we continue to forge strong bonds and unconditional acceptance and love between us.

Tonight I made, "brains," "bloody intestine bread," "zombie fingers" and "eyeball cookies"


Lisa Brown said...

What a beautiful reminder! Thank you so much Dayna! :)

Amanda Page said...

So cool!!! You are a great partner and mother! I have learned so much from you!