Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Sparkling Home

I have had many people ask me to share photos of our home over the years. I am happy to share this peek into our lives. Our home is simple and functional. I love it so much.

Our home was built in 1926 by Joe's great-grandfather, William Harmon. He build this home entirely by hand, without any power tools. Our kids are the 4th generation in our home and the 9th generation in our town. I love our simple, county home. We have made it our own with an eclectic, colorful, joyful feel. It is reflective of who we are as a family.

Our living room

This used to be a dining room, but we found a better use for it. Now we use it for crafts and music and just a general area for play and fun.

This is the stairway from the upstairs, where the bedrooms are to the downstairs 

This is a reading area

Our country kitchen

Our country bathroom. It is simple and small. I love the clawfoot bathtub. I labored in this tub with Orion.

Another angle of our dining room, turned craft/music/play area

Our beautiful porch.  (my favorite space)

Our playroom over Willow Toys workshop. This is also my teaching studio for my childbirth classes.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our Sparkling Home! We love to hear your feedback and comments.

~Peace & Love, Dayna


sue said...

Oh my, your home is just so gorgeously perfect, I love all of it :)
I felt so at home looking at the photo's.

Bonnie's Book Biz said...

Very nice home!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home Danya. Feels very warm and friendly.

shauna said...

Beautiful home! Inspirational!!!

Jamie, Minnesota said...

I love the colors. and that it is unpretentious. Giving me ideas.

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely your home is. It looks cozy, creative and welcoming. thank you for sharing this pictures...I'm having ideas too!

Laura said...

Your home feels so cosy! Thank you for sharing. :)

Sher said...

Hi Dayna,
Your home is so colorful and free.
I love it. It's been awhile since I visited, and I am really enjoying your posts :)

Danie Newcomb said...

I love all the vibrant colors! Your home looks so cozy. :D

Call me Mara. said...

I think your house is so cute, cozy and welcoming. I cannot believe how hateful that other mom was on WifeSwap and the awful things she said about your house.

BloggerBitch said...

wow. beautiful! my kinda house!

Mamaholt said...

MY kinda house, too! Made me want to drink tea and MAKE something!