Monday, November 16, 2009

45 Ways to Say "Yes" to Your Child

45 Ways to Say "Yes" to your Child
Dayna Martin

affirmative, all right, alrighty, amen, as you say, aye, beyond a doubt, by all means, certainly, definitely, even so, exactly, fine, gladly, good, good enough, granted, indubitably, just so, most assuredly, naturally, of course, okay, positively, precisely, Roger, right on, sure thing, surely, true, undoubtedly, unquestionably, very well, willingly, without fail, yep, sure, why not?, no problem, give the nod, agreed, fair enough, yeah, indeed, absolutely!


Debs said...

Love this, thanks Dayna. "indubitably" is definitely my favourite! Although far more common round here is the relatively boring "okay". :D

Charli Armstrong said...

Cool! Love it!

EcoVeggieMaMa said...


Jacqui said...

Absolutely is my favourite - just saw it at the end of your list :)

hillary said...

love it!

Definitely! Is a big one around here :-)

Rachel Grebe said...

I also like the one from the movie "The Princess Bride,"..."as you wish":)

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Shelly said...

Love it!

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Nush said...

I love Roger!

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