Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Creatures of the Night

We took the kids to the playground and then for ice cream two nights ago. As were were eating our ice cream we noticed that there were bats coming out of the chimney across the street. We sat and watched them as they grew in numbers. There were hundreds of them circling, diving for insects. We could hear their loud clicks and chirps as they communicated with each other. We discussed whether or not bats flew south for the winter like birds. We were all absolutely memorized! It was incredible to watch. We sat on the grass and while we admired the bats, the kids were shaking the branches of the apple tree above us. We were showered with apple blossoms until the bats all went back down in the chimney.

When we got home we jumped online and learned that bats hibernate! We also all learned that they are the only flying mammal. We learned so much about bats that we can't wait to go and see them again!

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