Monday, May 28, 2007

Everyday Is A Special Occasion

As a child I would visit my grandmother every weekend. On her hutch she had beautiful dishes. They were colorful and had textured flowers around the edges. There were gravy boats and fancy knives.

I used to ask my Mammie if we could eat on the dishes that night. She would gasp and say, "Oh no dear! They are for special occasions only." I used to think it was so sad that the dishes only got used once or twice a year.

When my grandmother died, those special dishes were passed down to me. I know in my heart that if my Mammie were alive today, she would agree that everyday is a very special day.

Once a week or so, the kids enjoy taking out Mammie's very special dishes and having afternoon tea with them. The kids take care of everything so impeccably. They have never broken a single dish and they have been doing this for 3 years or so now. I love to watch them enjoy the beauty of Mammie's dishes! Using them makes Devin & Dakota feel so important and so happy. No day is more special than today!

Here is a picture of the afternoon tea the kids set up for themselves.

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