Sunday, May 13, 2007

Manifesting The Pink Jeep

Joe and I are really into The Law of Attraction. We use deliberate creation to have the life we want. So do the kids. The movie the Secret changed our lives several months back. We both have vision boards. (I remember when my sweet friend Anne Ohman told me about them long ago). Well, I regularly practice manifesting things we want in our lives. Sometimes material things.

This one particular instance blew my mind. Dakota really wanted a Pink Power Wheels Barbie Jeep we saw online. She talked about it for a couple weeks. She and I researched them and we learned they were really expensive! I told her that I knew we would get one for her, but I wasn't sure how yet. She and I sat together and I told her to picture what it would feel like to own one. I told her to feel as though she was driving it around. She smiled and we both really focused on it coming to her.

Well, the other day we went to visit a really old friend of mine. I haven't seen her in over 5 years. We got to their house and her son was riding around in a Power Wheels car. Dakota's eyes lit up! We got out of our car, walked into their yard and my friend came out. Dakota said to her that she has always wanted a Power Wheels! Nancy told us to turn around and in her garage was the exact Pink Barbie Jeep that Dakota wanted! It looked brand new. My friend Nancy told us that we could have it! She said her older daughter didn't fit into it anymore. She said, "Take it home with you, it takes up so much space in our garage anyway". How amazing is that??!!

Well, Dakota and Ivy have been riding around in it ever since. I am still blown away with how this all happened. I am so happy for my sweet Dakota. Here are the girls enjoying their manifested Jeep!

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Amanda said...

I believe that LoA works better for my kids most of the time than it works for me because they don't have doubt to muck things up :)