Monday, June 4, 2007

Unschooling Chat

I hosted a Live Unschooling Chat last night! It was really fun. I met some awesome women! As we talked we realized that 3 of us were also LLL Leaders! How cool! Living around here it is hard to find real life support for how we live, so the connections I have made online have been so important to me! I met a really cool Mom named Laura. Visit her blog here. She is going to be holding the first Unschooling Conference in Florida. She and I really hit it off and I look forward getting to know her better! I will be meeting her at the Live and Learn Conference in September. I also talked with a Mom I met at last years Peabody, Mass. Conference. She is from Camden, Maine, which is right up near Owl's Head where my Grandparents spent the last few years of their lives. It was a fabulous chat connecting with amazing women! I am so grateful to have that resource for other Unschooling families!

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Laura said...

The chat last night was great! :) I'm so glad that I'm getting to know you. We have so much in common!