Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canadian Visitors

About 3 years ago I had a phone call from a couple in Canada. They were interested in taking a natural childbirth class over the phone. I went back and forth for days as to whether I could give a class over the phone, never seeing the couple face to face. They were pleasantly persistent promising the would do whatever it takes to take a class from me.

Well, the class phone sessions went great! We talked every Sunday for 12 weeks. I mailed them a workbook that we worked with during class. They read everything and exercised. They took it so seriously. They were truly the most dedicated students I ever had! We got to know all about eachother and developed a great relationship.

Unfortunately at the time of their due date, their baby was breech. They tried everything possible to get the baby to turn. They had a Cesarean. Despite my disappointment for them, they said it was very positive because of all they learned.

Well, much to my surprise, they called me 3 months after their baby was born to share they were pregnant again!! A month or so before their due date I did another phone class with them. This time it was a VBAC class. While in labor I talked to them up until the moment they needed to leave for the hospital. They had the birth of their dreams with only 3 hours of labor.

My whole relationship with this couple was amazing and a real growing experience for me.

They emailed me last week to share that they wanted to meet me. They drove 7 hours from Canada with their little girls Clara and Katie. We had a celebratory barbecue with our families together. Meeting them after the 3 years since that first call to me asking me about phone classes seemed like a world away. It was amazing and moving. It was a really awesome day.

Here is a picture of Jason, Lora, Clara and Katie with myself, Dakota and Ivy.


Anonymous said...

Are you pregnant?

Dayna Martin said...

Hi Danielle, Yes, I am. 12 weeks.

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