Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Visiting Creatures

The kids are so interested in different creatures. This summer we have accumulated so many new little animals to research and enjoy. We have snails which we are learning all about. A toad that Joe created an amazing home for. Tadpoles that we are watching turn more and more into frogs everyday. Dakota recently added a tree frog to the mix! We of course, will only enjoy these animals for a short time before releasing them back into their natural habitats. Right now we are all enjoying learning so much about them. We spend time online researching the correct habitat for each animal and the right food to feed them. Every night Joe catches all the flies on the porch to feed the toad and we all watch him gulp the flies down. Joe is the official toad feeder. ;)
Our craft table has made a great place to keep our guests. What better way to learn about so many different types of creatures!

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