Sunday, August 5, 2007

Little Weasel!

Joe looked out the window today and saw our kitty Confetti with some large animal. Joe ran out to see Confetti fighting with a Weasel!! We have never seen one before. It sprayed Confetti with a really putrid odor!

We called my Mom, the cat expert, and she told us that we better wash confetti. I wore the gloves and held her while Joe shampooed her up with the kids Cherry scented- No Tears Shampoo. We actually didn't even know it was a weasel until my step-father told us!

I am so grateful for my parents!! Even all the way over in England, they help us out so much! I can't wait to see them in a few weeks when they fly over to attend the Live and Learn Conference with us!!

Here is a picture of Confetti, shortly after her "weasel stank scrub down."


jenn said...

Dayna, just discovered your blog today and I love it. Thanks for all the work you are doing educating people about unschooling!!


Dayna Martin said...

Hi Jenn! Thank you so much for nice comment! I loved your blog also!!

Love, Dayna

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dayna - I so enjoyed meeting you at L&L! I look forward to perusing your site and blog when I have a little more time. This post caught my eye - we started re-reading "The Wainscott Weasel" at the conference - it's a magical book! I first heard of it through Chinaberry Books, but couldn't find it on their site. I'm not crazy about the amazon editorial review. Ah, well.