Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Manifesting Candy

I love reading manifestation stories since Joe and I having been living the Law of Attraction. This little event, although seemingly small, gave me a great peek into my own capabilities to have anything I want in life.

Since the beginning of my pregnancy I have had a very specific craving. Strange perhaps, but very strong. I remember being a little girl and loving Starburst candy. Back in those days (1970's), Starburst came in 4 flavors strawberry, orange, lemon and lime. I absolutely loved the lime flavored. Well, around 1978 or so, they replaced the lime Starburst with cherry. As a child I didn't mourn the loss of my favorite flavor much. After all there was such an abundance of different kinds of candy, I got over it quickly.

Over the years I thought about the taste of those Lime Starburst. I could recall the smell and the exact shade of light green that they were. I can remember exact times when I was eating them as a child. They became part of my history, as the food of our childhood often is.

When I began craving them this pregnancy, I started researching them. I found out the whole story of why and when the lime candies were replaced. I looked on eBay for an old package of them (back when the package was white, before they changed it to yellow.) I was willing to eat a 30 year old candy.....Eww! How desperate was I??!
It was a bit of a short-lived obsession reading that all I could about Starburst history. I discussed the long lost flavor with my brother and mother asking them if they remembered my beloved Lime candy. We all laughed at this relentless craving that I was having.

I visited message boards and found out that the lime Skittles were as close to the flavor as one could get. The kids would sift through their Skittles and give me cups full of the green ones. Even Ivy, at 2 years old, would bring me a green little handful of the tiny candies to help ease my intense craving. The Skittles were nice. Not the same consistency, but a similar flavor.

I recently switched grocery stores. As I was standing in line my first trip to the new store I happened to look on a small display rack. On it was package of candythat read, "Starburst: Nostalgic Flavors". I almost passed out! As I got closer I could see that they had LIME! I started yelling at the nearest check out person, "DO you have any more of these packages?!!" She looked at me like I was totally 'out there'. She said, "I....I think so". She came back with another large package.
I pushed my groceries out to the car as fast as I could. I sat in the drivers seat and ripped open one of the bags. Starbursts flew everywhere, all over the car! I was laughing as I tore open my first Lime Love. It smelled just like I remembered! As I ate it I got goosebumps. I was transported back to my childhood and in an instant, this intense craving that I had building for years, had been satisfied. I sat in the grocery store parking lot and ate a handful more. I chewed them the whole way home. I savored every single little nugget of lime deliciousness. I called Joe from the cell phone with a mouth full and yelled, "Joe your not going to believe this!" I proceeded to tell him the story.....

I truly believe that I manifested the Lime Starburst into my reality. I held such an intention...such a desire. They were put there for me! Although a small manifestation, it was one that I will never, ever forget in my entire life.

I have eaten enough of the Lime candies to last me a lifetime! I have shared them with my family, who also enjoyed them. (Although they don't know what all the fuss was about.)

Here I am with Ivy and my last few Lime Starburst on my pregnant belly.

I have never seen those Nostalgia Starbursts in the grocery store again. I now know however, that no matter what I want in my life, if I hold the intention with enough passion, with enough focus, with enough desire..... I will receive it.


Jessica said...

This is hilarious. Now I'M craving lime Starbursts! Great LoA story. :)

Karen said...

Great story Dana:) I absolutely adore anything lime flavoured too, and it seems that the lime flavoured things I love always seem to "disappear" :(
After reading your story I think I have to get to work on manifesting the lime Popsicle Pete popsicles I've been craving for years, lol!!