Friday, November 23, 2007

The Girls First Dental Cleaning

Last week all three kids had an appointment to get their teeth cleaned. Devin has been going for years now, but Dakota has always been very afraid to have it done and we have never forced her.
She was finally ready to experience having her teeth cleaned and she really enjoyed the process. We made an appointment for Ivy to have hers cleaned too, but didn't really know what to expect where she has never been before. We were surprised that after she saw Dakota and Devin have their teeth cleaned that she happily jumped into the chair!
Ivy is 2 1/2 and Dakota is 6. Here they both are experiencing their first dental cleaning together. I am so happy that we have always honored when our children were ready to have this done. What an example of every child being ready at different ages for different things in life. It was a really positive, Joyful experience for all of us. We ended the day with a trip to Chuck E Cheeses for pizza and games. It was a day we will always cherish!

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