Sunday, December 2, 2007

Learning With Gingerbread

Joe's mother, Nancy is a whiz in the kitchen. She has always amazed me with the edible things she can create. She inspires everyone who knows her.
The kids and Nana & Grampa have a very special relationship. They love running up to the house (they live behind us) on Sundays for tomato soup and oyster crackers.

The kids have also learned so much from their Nana. One of the greatest sources of learning for my children is from the rich pantry of amazing people we have in our lives.
Being able to watch Nana plan and construct this amazing gingerbread house from paper plans to baking, measuring and assembly was an incredible experience. Nana entered this in a contest involving local Inns and we just know she is going to win!


Sierra Mama said...

Wow, That is beautiful! Let us know what she wins!

dharmamama said...

Oh, my goodness! I had to open the picture in a new window to get a nice close-up of it. How gorgeous! And how nice your kids have a close relationship with their grands - that is priceless. Great pic!

Jessica said...

Wow!! That is beautiful! Let us know how she does.

Penny in VT said...

She's got my vote! Wow!

I grew up next door to my grandparents too - what an amazing experience to be part of such an extended family - even if it's not always easy, it's worth it! My Grandma taught me SO much... I could speak volumes on the subject! (But LOL, I'll spare you!)

I haven't been posting much on the RU board Dayna (feeling really out of my league, but drinking in all the goodness there), but continue to be inspired daily by it, and you - hope all is well in these final weeks :)

XO, Penny

Sheri said...

Oh my! That is the most beautiful ginger bread house I have seen. Bravo to your MIL.

Karen said...

Absolutely amazing, I had a closer look and the detail is incredible. Great too that your children share a close relationship with their grandparents. Hope Nancy wins but even if she doesn't, what an achievement.