Monday, February 25, 2008

More Than Just "Getting Through the Day"

An important aspect of being an Unschooling family is having my children see that learning never ends. There is never a point in life when we say, "Ok, all done! I've learned enough."

Being creative and interested in every thing around me has helped my kids to learn that this is how one can *Be* in life. Whenever the kids are using pastels, or paints I often join in. Not only to be *Present* with them, but to really enJoy doing something together. I try to make our lives as rich as possible. Life to us is more than just "getting through the day". Striving to be *Present* in life is challenging at times, but I am getting better at it everyday.

Here is a piece of Art that I created with the kids. I framed it to be able to remind myself what is important in my life. Allowing my "inner-artist" to emerge has been interesting. I never thought of myself as very creative when it came to art. I am now exploring this side of myself that was never allowed to grow because of my own past judgements of my artistic ability. Focusing on the process, rather than the finished product has been something I have shared with the kids. For them to see me enjoying my creative side has helped them create without judgement of themselves also. This parenting gig is pretty cool stuff. Growing along side my kids has been quite a ride. I look forward to our future while striving to be utterly *Present*.

This Life Rocks!


Anonymous said...

I love what you created here. It reminds of one of those prayer walks. It is about the process! I love making art with my kids too ~ as far as learning goes, here I am late 30's and learning to play the piano! Life does rock. ;)

Sarah said...

Thank you for the inspiration and affirmation!