Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Whatcha Watchin'.......In Labor?

I wanted to share a few more details of my incredible labor and birth experience with Orion.

Laughter was such an amazing tool for me to enjoy the whole experience. Staying in a positive vibration throughout the labor was so essential for me to enjoy every aspect.
In early labor I watchted the movie "The Secret" (for like the 20th time). I also watched the Dr. Phil episode we were on. It reminded me that if I can go on stage and share our life with 50 million people worldwide, than I can do anything! But, the best thing I watched in labor was the movie "Tenacious D". It isn't a movie that the average person would enjoy more than likely, but where Joe and I grew up in the 80's as "metal heads" we could relate to the movie so much. It was just so funny! I was belly laughing with contractions 2 minutes apart. I stood while I watched it and rocked as a laughed.

Another really funny thing that Devin kept saying to me during a contraction in his own supportive way was a Spongebob quote; "Bring it around town Mom! Bring it ARRRRRROUNNNNNDDDDD TOWWWWNNNNNN!" It would make me laugh out loud every time he said it. It really helped me! He has such a good sense of humor.

This was just a little peek into my labor that I wanted to share.

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diana(hahamommy) said...

*NOW* I can imagine doing it your way :) It's the entertainment factor! My boys would LOVE to entertain me in similar fashion, should I ever find myself in labor again this lifetime... I'll bring it aaaarrrrooouuuunnnnddd tttooowwwnn too! :D