Monday, May 19, 2008

Attraction Birth

I have been a natural birth educator for 6 years now... It's been an amazing ride educating and supporting others during such a pivotal point in their lives.

Yesterday I taught a private class to two couples, both having their first babies. This was the first class that I have taught where I incorporated the Law of Attraction into my class. I shared that how they feel about giving birth affects their birth so profoundly. I talked a lot about fear and pain and fear of pain... This is what most couples seem to want to talk about.

I have found my own unique way to educate others about birth over the years. The focus on emotions and feelings surrounding birth is rarely discussed, even in natural birthing classes. With most classes the focus is on relaxation and although that is important, how you feel is profoundly more important. You can be relaxed physically but have a fearful mind... This is very counter-productive in labor. It is so much more than going through the motions physically. The emotional aspect of childbirth education needs to be addressed and focused on in our culture and one of my callings is to bring this to the world..

Without trust and joy as a focus during labor, woman are not experiencing birth in the way nature truly intended. My goal is to help support couples in a new way. An evolved way......helping them birth Joyfully in the way that is right for them.

My favorite aspect of my class was that I was wearing Orion the whole time. It was so nice to have him close having only given birth to him 15 weeks ago! The memory of his incredible entrance into this world is what guided my new way of educating these couples. It was really amazing and I am so grateful to have been able to share what I had learned with this birth.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would incorporate the mind thing into your childbirth education job. The fear around it all is so massive. I hope you succeed with this.