Friday, June 20, 2008

The Pie Princess

I swear since we have been back from Disney, Ivy hasn't wanted to slow down. She jumps out of bed in the morning after nursing and asks what we are doing today or what she can make.
This morning I asked her if she wanted to make an apple pie. Her eyes lit up and she yelled, "Ya!"
She did almost everything herself. She cut up the apples, added the sugar and spices. Put the butter over the apples, put on the crust and cut the holes in the pie. She set the timer, turned on the oven and with my help put the pie in.
Assisting a 3 year old in making a pie is not a quick endeavour. It takes patience and a nice cup of coffee. ;) It took over 2 hours from start to finish, and then 40 minutes to bake. It was really fun for her and for me as I watched my little girl proudly take on this huge task.
She felt so proud as we all enjoyed the pie she made for dessert that night. She learned so much, and I learned that a pie only lasts one day in our home with such a big family!

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