Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ReCreating Games

Thinking outside the box takes on many forms in our lives. Once you start free-thinking it picks up it's own momentum until it saturates your whole life. You question everything and say "Why not?" more often. It becomes a way of life to create, dream, imagine and look at things through entirely different lenses.

We love to create new games together as a family. We also love to play around and alter the rules of games like Candyland, bowling, mini name it, we've made the rules more cooperative, or more competitive, depending on the day and our whims.

Today the kids were asking me why hopscotch only has one basic design layout. Tiffany suggested making a circle, or spiral for Hopscotch. I thought it was an amazing idea! Devin helped me to draw out the design.

Introducing our newly invented game, "Spiral Hopscotch"

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