Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unschooling Adventure Cruise 2009

Joe just completed this video about our Unschooling Adventure Cruise in October of 2009!

Any Unschooling family or anyone who is interested in Unschooling and being part of a fabulous cruise to Bermuda with their family, let us know! We'd love to have you! Grandparents and extended family are also welcome!

Here is Joe's amazing video. He really enJoyed creating it!

The cabins are booking up really quickly as word is spreading about this incredible adventure! (It's only $200 to reserve your cabin and it is fully refundable if you change you mind right up until July 2009! Such an awesome deal!)
Check out to reserve your space with our group.

Hope you can join us on the Seas in October 2009!


Kim said...

Hey Dayna,
That looks really cool, the cruise. I will add it to my dream list.

Is there an email offline where I can contact you? I have a radio show for unschoolers and would like to interview you about your philosophy, how it works in your house, the cruise and so on.Please contact me if you are interested and thanks!

Kim said...

Maybe this would help: