Friday, August 29, 2008

Devin Asks and Receives

Last week Devin went kayaking with his grandparents. He had such a wonderful time. At home that night he said that he wanted to get a kayak of his very own. I told him he could totally have one.
I reminded him to feel what it would be like to own one. I said to picture himself paddling around the lake with his own kayak. I shared that he only has to feel good and *Know* it will come to him. I shared that he doesn't have to know how he will get one, just know he will and the Universe will line everything up for him perfectly.

Well, less than a week later.....

I was driving by a yard sale and saw his kayak. I pulled in and asked how much it was. They told me it was only $25! I drove home, told Devin about it, and he screamed with delight! He took out the $40 he had saved and gave Joe $25. We told him we would pay for it for him, but he said, "No Thanks". Joe drove and picked it up for him from the yard sale down the street.

Now, most parents may have said something like, "oh... those are so expensive! Someday you can get your money..." with negative, doubting energy behind their words when their kids said they wanted a kayak. Or something like, "When your older you can get one", or a number of other things that would interfere with a child lining up with their desire. A child may not have ever thought it was possible to own one due to the parents doubts or fears.

Living this life means we are our kids partners in all that they do in life and all that they dream. I know anything is possible for my children. They can have whatever they want in life and I can help them move closer or further away from their dreams and passions. I choose to help them move closer.

I knew Devin would get his kayak soon. I didn't know it would be less than a week though! Devin is a very powerful creator and I am proud to help him line up with his desires.

Here is Devin with his newly manifested kayak. He's so happy that he bought it himself too!

Yes, Life Rocks for him and for all of us on this path.


Christy said...

That's awesome! Have you always been so "believing" or has it taken you a while to get to that place? I am fairly new to the LOA and would love to "live" it the way you do.

Jessica said...

Sweet Kayak! Way to go Devin!
(I am so stealing this latest song on your blog! Love it.)

susan said...

That is so cool! My son (he'll be 10 next week)wants a canoe. I think I'm going to go grab him and let him read this post. Very inspirational!

We have always unschooled, but I've just really started learning about LoA. Someone else stated above that they would love to live the way you all do. I'd like to second that! I too wanna be like "the sparkling martins"!