Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Girls First Haircuts

Dakota has never been comfortable having anyone but me cut her hair. She is almost 7 and we have honored that about her always. I don't mind cutting the girls hair, but it isn't easy. I have a hard time cutting it even. I have done my best however since they were tiny.

Yesterday Dakota told us that she wanted her haircut when Devin got his cut from our friend Denice who has a hair salon at her home. Once she said that, Ivy said she did too!

So we visited Denice yesterday morning and one by one the kids got their hair trimmed.

Here is Dakota (a/k/a Tiff) after Denice washed her hair. The kids loved the experience so much. Their hair looks fabulous and the girls felt so special and enjoyed the process so much.

I am so happy that I have never forced or coerced any of my kids to get their haircut against their will. In honoring their wishes, something amazing came out of it. Dakota and Ivy's first haircuts were a rite of passage for them. In honoring when our children are ready in their own time we are giving them such a gift. To my daughters, this was a really big deal and it was their choice. Having someone wash their hair and ask them how they would like it cut, and then watch themselves in the mirror was so special and something that they will never, ever forget.

Here is Dakota after Denice washed her hair and right before her haircut. She felt so beautiful! I loved watching her smile and sparkle in the chair as she talked to Denice about what she wanted.

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Melissa said...

What a wonderful "Right of passage" :).

I just want to add that I love reading your blog. It's such an inspiration to me!