Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kayaking Dude and Our $10 Day

Devin had a great day today kayaking with Joe's parents. They had a special day together exploring a lake where they saw 3 turtles and ate tons of wild blueberries. The girls and I hit a few yard sales and had a really nice day together in our area Staycationing (this is when you act like tourists where you live).

We took $10 with us and you wouldn't believe all that we did with only 10 bucks! The girls got many new toys at yard sales, we hit a craft fair where they had a huge jumping castle and inflatable giant slides, then we went to a farm where the girls fed the goats and sheep then we hit the McD's drive through and got 3 sundaes from the dollar menu for a buck each! It is amazing how if you only bring cash you can really make it stretch and get the most for your money!

One of the things we got at a yard sale was a game called, "Pretty, Pretty Princess". Here are the girls and I playing our new game while Devin was Kayaking all day.

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