Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthing Flashback

There are days I stare out the window and remember the morning that Orion was born. I think about how incredible it was to bring him into this World under my own power, laboring joyfully, peacefully and alone.
I remember the intensity and the energy coursing through my body during my labor with such awe. One moment that can still see so vividly, was right before pushing, when I was on my knees in front of the bed with my head resting on my arms.
I could feel the energy, like electricity, run from feet and up through body and exit through the top of my head with every contraction. I finally understood *in that moment* that allowing this energy to flow through me I could actually enjoy it and merge with it. I steadied myself and welcomed the great power surging through me. I could hear it, feel it and taste it. I became one with the energy when I realized that this great energy *was me*. It was mine to experience and be part of all that was and all that ever will be.

At one point, I turned up the heavy metal music (Rage Against the Machine) on the CD player, which was right next to me. My head moved rhythmically with the music. The energy and intensity of the music merging beautifully with the energy flowing through my body during transition and pushing.
It was truly transforming for me, as a woman, to go through this experience.
I am so grateful that I Trusted My Body, Trusted Orion and Trusted Birth. I am so grateful that I connected with Source Energy and allowed it to run through Orion and myself during his birth. It was life altering and unlike any of my other births. It rocked my soul and brought me to a new level of *Knowing* and *Awareness* about life.


Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll ever have any more kids?

Dayna Martin said...

No. Four kids is our perfect balance.

Orion was my last birth and another reason it was so profound.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 2 boys and 2 girls is so ideal. You are blessed.