Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Soul Family

My sweet friend Josha and her sons drove 3 hours from Vermont this past weekend to hang with us. We had such a fun time together. I have never known anyone so kind and giving to others as Josha is. She is truly a gift in my life.

Part of our visit was spent at Storyland. Josha took her sons and Devin and Tiff around on the "Big Kid" rides and Joe and I were able to spend some nice one on one time with Ivy and Orion. Ivy loved all the kiddie rides with Mom and Dad. It was such a special day.

Here is Josha as she was dragged on the Flume ride for the umpteenth time with Zan, Devin, Tif & Elliot. My kids had so much fun with them! We decided to have a monthly visit. They are coming to our Unschooling Halloween Party in two weeks.

It's awesome to have found what Josha called, "Our Soul Family".

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