Monday, January 19, 2009

Kitchen Science Rocks!

Ivy loves being in the kitchen. In fact, as I write this she is at the sink adding salt, pepper and oil to a bowl of soapy water just to see what happens.

The kids have so many fun activities that they ask to do over and over again. This is one of Ivy's favorites. We always have some kind of project or creation in the kitchen at any given moment.

Ivy wanted me to put this on the blog so some of her friends could try it:

Take two cups and add water with different color food coloring in each. Add leafy celery stalks. In only a couple of hours, the celery draws the coloring into the leaves.

Very cool indeed!


Anonymous said...

You guys have so much fun with food coloring.

When I was a kid, any time my entire extended family went out to a restaurant, all the kids would gather at the end and add any kind of condiment/leftover food we could find into a glass half filled with water, and mix it. Then, we'd dare each other to drink it, but no one ever did.

Rachel said...

I forgot all about this science experiment! As soon as I read your post, I went downstairs and my 4 yr old and I set it up. We're waiting for the results now. :) Thanks for the idea!

mamak said...

I totally forgot about that! I will get some coloring and do just that! Sounds like a fun thing to do right about now. Enjoy the day, today is a special one for sure. Can you feel the joy? It's all encompassing today!-K

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I want to try that with my oldest now :)