Sunday, February 15, 2009

Traveling Sleepers

Traveling for 3 weeks in an RV is quite an experience. You get used to the smaller spaces and an RV is truly a second home for us.

The kids are just as comfortable and at home in the RV as they are at their home in Madison, NH. It's really great because you can bring everything you want because there is so much storage space.

The kids take naps on the road a lot. I guess it has to do with the motion of the motor home as it's cruising down the highway.

I am so grateful for our RV and the places we've visited and people we have met. As it says on our RV licence plate, LYFROKS (life rocks)


Jessica said...

I'm sleeoy just thinking about it!
I wonder... do people prone to car sickness feel differently in an RV? I know reading in a car makes me ill very quickly, I wonder if I could tolerate it better in an RV.

Shady Lady said...

Sounds wonderful! An RV is something we are trying to manifest. I can hardly wait!