Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drum Baby Drum

Throughout our vacation in Florida, we researched ways to facilitate Devin, Tiff & Ivy's interests. We went to many shows and took in a wide range of experiences with all of our passions as the center of our trip.

In Disney's Animal Kingdom, Devin found his bliss. There was a large area dedicated to many different kinds of African drums. Devin, being a drummer, wanted to spend a lot of time there. Devin tried all of the different drums, many times over, while I enjoyed a thick chocolate shake. (one of my passions ;)

While exploring this deep interest, he was so in the moment. So *Present*. I could see his Joy overflowing. Watching him doing something he loves reminds me that this is what we are here on Earth to do. Joy, Passion, Pleasure. Life is supposed to be all of these things, everyday!

On the ride home, Devin told us how grateful he was that we went to the drum area three times during our trip. He said he will never forget it.


Shady Lady said...

This is beautiful Dayna! We were in Disney about a week before you. We went with the intention that this trip was about Princess. We wanted this to be an amazing experience for her, and it was. She was the leader and we did all the things she wanted to do as many times as she wanted to do them. It was an amazing experience for us as well.

Charli Armstrong said...

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! The joy on his face just went right through me. I could take flight looking at that picture! I used to visit Disney just about every month when I lived in Orlando. I wish I visited Animal Kingdom more often though.

I can't really remember as it's been a while, but what area was your photo taken?

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Isn't Devin's birthday soon? Maybe you can get him some like this. I'm sure someone sells them somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I loved this area when I was there 3 years son & I could have played for hours!!! Everyone else was not so thrilled...but boy did we play for a long time.

If you are interested, there are numerous places you can buy a djembe drum....and many local drumming groups that you can join (You usually DON'T need to own your own drum to attend!!)

Good Luck!

Dayna Martin said...

Charlie, The drums were across from the Tusker House, at the enterence of Africa..
Danielle, thanks for the suggestionm but Devin wants a DSI, for his birthday, They don't come out until easrly April, but we are on the waiting list.. We are traveling a lot this year, so a game system for him is ideal.
He has a few cool African drums..
I am grateful for your suggestion..
LOve, Dayna

Kelly said...

We love these drums too, can't pass them by when we visit Disney. How about an unschooling conference in Disney? We would be there for sure!

Jackie said...

We found the drums in the World Showcase!! Missed the Animal Kingdom ones though. I love Disney!! What an unschoolers dream. We should definately do an unschooling conference in Disney.