Monday, March 30, 2009

Midnight Butterflies

I was laying in bed last night, as I often do, awake with my thoughts.

As an advocate for the amazing life of Radical Unschooling with the Law of Attraction, I feel so much excitement about the future of parenting.

Almost every night, I wake up for some water. As I lay back down in bed I think about the upcoming day before me. I get so excited about what is before us, that I feel butterflies in my stomach. I never knew I could be so happy. I am so grateful for being on the path that we are.
At 5:30AM, I lay in bed, watching the sun peek through the curtains, and I thought to myself, I can't wait until everyone wakes up and we have another day together, pursuing our passions and exploring our interests..

I love our life so much.... I am in utter Gratitude for discovering the Secret to life and the Secret to Happiness for myself and for my children. Freedom, Connection and Joy as the priority, with everything else falling into place.
A huge shift in consciousness is happening and I am happy to help lead the way...

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Shady Lady said...

Dayna, you are an inspiration.