Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Babywearing Project

I started the Babywearing Project , featured on Mothering.com four years ago and I still give out baby carriers to those in need along with information and support about the benefits of babywearing. If anyone has a gently used baby carrier that they would like to pass on to another parent who can't afford one, please send it to:

Dayna Martin
c/o The Babywearing Project
196 East Madison Road
Madison, NH 03849


Danielle said...

Wow, you can still do it at age 4!!! I never would have thought!

When Annalise was first born, I HATED babywearing. I had the ultimate baby wrap, and it just seemed so flimsy and unsafe to me. It kept covering her face up, and always felt like she would fall. I finally just did away with it. I still wanted to hold her all the time, so I did that, and learned how to do things with one hand.

When she got old enough to hold up her head, I got the ultimate baby wrap and did another pose. This time, it felt (and I hate to say this, but it's what I thought) like she was going to get hung. To this day, when I see babies worn in just a cloth one, it makes my heart skip a beat, because I go back to that fear of them being hung.

We bought her a baby bjorn for her three month "birthday" and I used it CONSTANTLY for the next six months. It was SOOOO much better. At nine months, I graduated to just carrying her in my arms again. Now days, she mostly wants to run around, but it's easy enough to just carry her if she wants that.

Jessica said...

What a great pic. You guys are so cute. We should have done baby/child wearing during your photo shoot last year! ;)

kat said...

thank you for sharing this again, i have a mei tei carrier i thought i would try to resell (we have been jobless for 1 year, but are ok) i would love to pass it along to someone else instead. perfect, thank you, it will be in the mail soon ;)

lotusbirther said...

I would do if we didn't live in such distant countries! Do you have any links with anyone in the UK doing this? I can think of others who would also likely be interested to share this way.

kat said...

sorry, it ended up being a part of a trade with a local family here. i will spread the word to other mommies i know ;)

Jennifer said...

This is awesome. I read that article a long time ago but never made the connection it was YOU. It was YOU that inspired me to start "The Sling It Project"!! I host a Attachment Parenting & Unschooling support group out of my home called NUTS (Natural Unschoolers Together Support) here in Eastern Washington. It is pretty low income here with it being very rural with mostly farms. We collect them and give them to WIC. I have a similar picture of my daughter. You have inpired me to post it on my blog. You rock little lady!!