Monday, March 16, 2009

What Recession?

I have many people email me about how Joe and I are coping with the Recession and ask if we use the Law of Attraction during these desperate times. My answer is always, "What Recession?"

Joe and I understand the natural ebb and flow of prosperity and flow with it. We are still steadily selling things through our business, Willow Toys, but we choose to lower our prices to reflect the economy.

This is important, because if you have a business and don't do this, you won't sell as much and hence feel lack. It's important to surrender and go with the flow. For example, a wooden kitchen that we normally sell for $250. we are now selling for $199. Don't be afraid to lower your prices. It helps everyone out. Do it Joyously!

Also, Here are a few tips to help shift your feeling during this time when most people are feeling lack.

1. Be grateful. You don’t want to do anything for an ingrate and neither does the Universe. Say thank you for what abundance and blessings you have received in your life and focus on them.

2. Be abundant. In interactions with others, give your heart to them. Love them. And love people you don’t even know that well, someone you have no ‘organic’ feelings for either way. An easy way to tap into those feelings is to think of the person that you love most in the world. Be happy for others success as if it was your own.

3. Give back. It’s different for everyone. Some people write, some cook, and some volunteer. Create. Creation is one of the most important parts of receiving abundance.

4. The Law of Conservation should be maintained. There is nothing wrong with trying to cut costs during a recession. Just do it from a place of abundance, rather than fear and lack. If you decide to cancel Nexflix for a few months, revel in the happiness of having that money in your pocket every month, rather than thinking about the fact that you don't have Netflix anymore and feeling lack from that.

Our Business and Our Family want to encourage you to not get swept up in the negativity and lack that many are feeling during this time in our economy. Trust the process. Know that it is normal and natural for the economy to ebb and flow in such a way. Prosperity and Abundance is everywhere.
Peace & Love, Dayna


Shady Lady said...

Well said! I love the way you speak and write, especially about LoA. As we shifted our consiousness our lives shifted, including our financial abundance. It was amazing! We went from feeling lack to living a full life. Thank you for sharing the power we all have.

Danielle said...

Great post. We aren't affected by the recession, either. In fact, we're benefiting from it. I wasn't so much worried about you wrt the recession, but I did wonder how your business was holding up with that controversial law that was passed about homemade stuff.

Dayna Martin said...

They put off the new toy/homemade law 1 year to review it and see if it is right. SO it has not gone away but aleast pushed back untill Feb 2010.. Joe

Dayna Martin said...
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Danielle said...

Oh, good. It won't fly, then. Too many people are loudly opposed.

Charli Armstrong said...

Bravo! Couldn't have said it better!

Rachel said...

thanks Dana, for posting this. its so true. too many people are sitting on pins and needles, and thats just not the way to live. we have been like that with Matt's company, who seems to love announcing wage cuts lately. I agree with you wholeheartedly and actually emailed him a link to this post. Its so important to remain happy during these times. And honestly, quality over quantity is something our country has gotten away from anyway. Your company looks like its great quality and that will always win out! :)
Peace and Love,

Such Lovely Freckles said...

A beautiful post.
Beautiful blog too. Found here through Shady Lady and will certainly be back.

Stacey said...

Six degrees of separation or small world - whatever you want to call it. I found your blog though the unschooling conference in London, great read!! But then this post and it looked so familiar. I order my "homemade" stuff from a Vermont website and have ooo'd and aaah'd over their great wooden kitchens and things - they were yours!! Just venturing into unschooling so thanks for the inspiration and insight!