Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nurturing Powerful Creators

One important aspect of living this joyful Radical Unschooling life is that we understand that learning happens in all that our children do in life. I know that my kids interests and passions are the nucleus of their learning and joy, so I feel it is our job as parents to nurture this.

I feel so connected and in tune with my children when I am exploring and interested in what they love. Tiffs current passion are Webkinz. She loves the game and she loves to talk about them and visit Youtube to check out other kids collections.

I am very involved in my kids interests, in fact all of our lives are so intertwined that Devin even knows which book I am reading in the "Twilight" series. He is interested in my interests too. Our home is a swirling of passionate, excited energies from day to day as we discuss and experience one anothers joys with enthusiasm.

Our kids interests are at the top of our priority list and we find many different ways to bring more of their current interests into their lives. Even if we can't afford a new Webkinz for Tiff at any given time, we find ways to make the ones she has more enjoyable to her. Joe recently built her a Webkinz display case.

We researched Webkinz history and discovered that there are very rare Webkinz. The rarest of the rare ones are errors where the company sewed on two magic "W's" on the bottom, rather than the one. Once Tiff learned this she knew that she had to find one of these very rare critters.

She is a very powerful creator and she has a way of always manifesting whatever she wants in life very effortlessly. She basks in the feeling of already owning something, rather that living in the space of "lack" for not having it yet. This is her secret.

Joe and the girls were picking out my birthday present at Borders and were looking through the Webkinz bin. Sure enough they found one! A blue Rhino with 2 "W's"...

Joe called me and asked if I would look up how much one was worth. It was worth $90! Of course Tiff didn't want to sell it, but she was excited to find out how much it was worth "on the streets".

Life is magical. There are no limits on what we can have and what we can achieve. My children show me this everyday. We are never done. We are always growing and flowing and wanting more. I am so grateful for our path and our life.


Three Mommies said...

"On the streets" - I love that! Ethan is totally into Webkinz. He has an amazing house for them on-line and loves to build various houses in his room out of cardboard, or bags, or, currently, the bottom drawer of his dresser. I can't wait to tell him about Tiff's find. He'll have fun looking for the rarest rare Webkinz.

Three Mommies said...

Oh, and does Tiff know about It has a great collection of info about Webkinz and about what's happening on-line each day.

mommychick said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing your lovely family stories!