Friday, June 19, 2009

Discovering Great Artists

Today we all explored the many different Art Styles throughout history.

We learned about the Renaissance and Post Renaissance time period and created some lovely pieces that are now hanging in our home..

Tiff loved Picasso. Devin loved Da Vinci.. Ivy enjoyed learning about Van Gogh..

We have been very creative lately with all of the rain in New Hampshire and our home is brimming with beautiful art inspired by many artists throughout history.

I highly recommend the book, " Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art For Children in the Styles of the Great Masters" by MaryAnn Kohl and Kim Solga.

This is a fabulous book which shares the techniques of so many artists throughout history.


Bright Ring said...

I was so happy to see the photo of the kids (including one very still rubber one in tiny diapers) using "my" book, "Discovering Great Artists on your blog! What an honor! Please tell your blog readers that there is a wonderful resource on my website where they can enjoy "one click" samples of great art by the artists featured in the book. Go to:
Each artists, page by page, has a full color artwork to enjoy.

Thank you again so much for your blog and your very warm, kind words.

MaryAnn F Kohl

PS I have a new book in full color called "Great American Artists for Kids" that I think you would love. You can see sample pages from it on my to enjoy.


Kelly said...

We checked that same book out from the library a couple weeks ago but never got the chance to look at it before it had to go back. I think we might need to check it out again!

Danielle said...

Ahh, when I was a kid, I used to love to decoupage big collages of famous artwork onto posterboard. Some of those were so interesting.

My favorite artist is Salvador Dali. I often wonder what he was smoking...