Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Slingin' Dreams

I can't belive that Orion is almost 18 months old! The time flies by and we are all growing and evolving as a family. I really want to capture this time in our lives as a family, where Orion is my last baby.
Today Orion was sleeping in the sling. Tiff took a picture of us. I will miss the last 10 years of slanging' babes.. I am rarely seen without a baby on me.. I can't imagine life without a babe-in-arms.. I do know however, that life will only get better and better....
Motherhood Rocks! This last decade has been the greatest, most empowering time of my life.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Dayna. Maybe someday you will be wearing grandbabies.

EcoMaMa said...

I feel / felt the same way Dayna! It is hard without a little one or even a big one in the house.
When my girls had become adults and moved out, I decided I wasn't going to wait for Grandbabies, and now I have my wonderful little man Ronnie!
Have a happy trip to Texas!