Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Toe Jam!

Orion usually hangs out on the kitchen table when we are eating meals. This morning his little foot got smushed in my toast. It was so funny when Joe called it, "Toe Jam" We all started laughing.. I know that most parents wouldn't "allow" their kids to sit on the table, but for us, we know that Orion feels empowered at eye level with us. He wants to sit where all the action is, and we embrace this about him.


EcoMaMa said...

LOL Yummy toes!

Anonymous said...

i have a question. the other day megh was putting mashed potatoes on her chin pretending to look like santa. my mom was visibly (and verbally) annoyed, saying how rude it was and how the people in the next booth were annoyed.

i personally felt she can express herself as she needs to. so what if these uptight old people were annoyed. they didn't even speak to one sad.

others have told me that we live in a society w/ norms, rules, etc. and that my kids need to know what they can and can't do in public. i don't agree. or at least i don't want to conform. i'm very against conformity. so, dear dayna and me out on this one. tell me what you'd do if your child wanted to do this at a restaurant or if they got up on a table...the little ones get away w/ it more than our olders...and i think that is unfair too. its all bout social norms...blah!