Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Young Euntreprenuers

The weather is warm here in New Hampshire and the kids wanted to make some money on their own. We decided to have another lemonade stand after last years success. This year we added fresh popcorn to their "menu".

One way in which my children never cease to keep me in awe is their ability to handle money. None of the kids ever had any kind of math lessons or workbooks, quizzes or instruction, but yet they have learned how to make change!

Last year I helped Tiff make change for people. This year she asked me not to help. No matter how much money someone would give her, she would know what to give them back. I thought this was so cool! Ivy and Devin helped her out, even though it was kind of her gig this year and the three of them were the cutest sight ever waving and smiling as cars drove by...

I am sure this was one of many lemonade and/or popcorn stands that they will have this year, but this one was special. It was a glimpse into their personal growth and ability in such a unique way.


Sam said...

Wow, that is awesome! You gave me such a great idea for our garage sale. the kids will love doing their own food stand. Thank you.

ellingham family said...

this is so ironic. are we in sync here or WHAT. just yesterday megh & i stopped at a local kids' lemonade stand. they were so cute...charging "25 cents or 50 cents..." it was so utterly adorable how they left this price up to me, the consumer, their guest. the sizes of the cups were a hairline apart which also sent an internal chuckle that tickled my heart.

they offered pink lemonade & cold flavored coffee. we bought one of each. their sign said "ALLOWANCE CUT...LEMONADE 25 CENTS/50 CENTS".

megh & i talked about where we might have a lemonade stand for her to have...we can't do this where we live as we live at a resort & they would NOT go for this. they want people to buy THEIR lemonade at at least 1.50 a pop. so that's out. i thought of a local place where people go to ride their bikes, hike, walk dogs...that would be a good place to set up a fold up table...those would be some thirsty people! hopefully they'd have money on them...its worth a shot. :O)

so how much did the kids make on their endeavor? they must have had so much FUN!!! love the sign. i also love the red money is said in feng shui to attract financial prosperity..but you guys probably already know this. ;o)