Saturday, July 11, 2009


Right now our favorite family game is called, "Mancala". It is an ancient Egyptian game that Devin fell in love with a few years ago when he was learning about Egypt.

Rules of the Game:
Each player "owns" the Mancala on his right and the six small bowls closest to him.

Player 1 starts by scooping up all the stones from one of his small bowls (players may never start from a Mancala or from the opponent's six bowls). Player 1 drops one stone into the next bowl on the right, one stone into the second bowl on the right, continuing around the board (counterclockwise) until he has no more stones in his hand. If Player 1 reaches his own Mancala, he drops a stone into it. Players do not drop stones into their opponents' Mancalas, they skip them and continue dropping stones, one at a time, from their hand until they run out of stones. Players take turns moving. At the end of the game, players count the stones in their Mancalas - the player with the most stones wins.
There are SO many games for our families to enjoy from all over the World! Why just settle for American games when there are thousands more to choose from?!

Look for us at the next Unschooling Conference near you! We may just challenge you to a game of Mancala!

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