Sunday, July 5, 2009

Swingin' In the Rain

It has been raining for weeks here in New Hampshire!

You reach a point when the weather is bad that playing outside is no longer conditional..

Devin and Tiff decided to make an swing from a tree right by our house despite the rain.

We had some friends over the other day and while they were here Devin said, "Isn't it amazing that the funnest things in life are so simple? We made that swing from some rope, and a piece of wood and it is just so fun!" Our friends looked at us and smiled and said, "Did you just hear what he said?" I smiled back and nodded.
The kids have spent hours using their new swing... I am so happy that Joe is always willing to assist the kids in their visions. He will stop whatever he is doing to help them at any time. Throwing the rope up over the tree and tying the knots, Joe was the man-power behind the kids idea. I love this about him so much!

It is so important to trust our kids when they have an idea, even if you can't tell how it's all going to play out. Just being there as their life-assistant is such a Joyful, important role.

Just one more thing I love about my role as a Mom to Unschooled kids!

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