Saturday, September 19, 2009


We had a fabulous weekend with some friends of ours who came for a visit from New York. Our friends, Marla, Ken, Amy and Lily hung out with us, ate good food, laughed and just connected as families.

Every year in North Conway, NH, there is a Mud Football Championship. It's a really big thing around here. One of my children's favorite aspects of Mud Bowl is being able to use the football field full of mud for weeks afterward.

Yup, we brought the Briggs family to a giant hole of mud during their visit! They loved it!


Anonymous said...

Of course the song "mud, mud, I love mud..." is in my head. You MUST know that one!

Homeschool Mom

Jolene said...

How funny! I love it!
It's our last day in our Geneva apartment -- what an adventure it's been. I'm so glad to be heading home to the USA!
Jolene =)