Sunday, February 21, 2010

Devin's Video on Costa Rica

Our family has a trip planned for this September. We are going to Costa Rica to visit an old friend of mine. He owns a hotel and tour business there and invited us down for a vacation.

All of our kids love to travel. It is a big part of their lives and some of the most memorable times together as a family are on the road traveling to places that introduce us to another way of looking at things, or another way of life. We love trying new foods and learning about the animals, flora and fauna of the area.

Devin is really excited about this trip and he made a video last night after researching Costa Rica. He combined two interests of his. Movie making and traveling. He is most looking forward to the animals and insects there. He made this movie because he wanted to and it was something he was interested in and passionate about.

He even picked out Costa Rican music to go with his video.


Hilaree said...

So beautiful! My one year old and I watched it together and she was spellbound! Thanks, Devin!

Patrick and Emily said...

Very Nice! I look forward to seeing your video when you get back this fall! I really hope you make us one to look at!

bugsboysandbooboos said...

Costa Rica is amazing. You'll absolutely fall in love with it and never want to least that's what happened when my husband and I went there! Enjoy!