Friday, April 9, 2010

Time for Peace, Passion and Gratitude

One of the benefits for my children living this life is the time they have to discover new passions or to pursue and build on old flames of interest. Meditation is a natural state for my kids when they are really engrossed in something they love to do. I think it can be for all humans. We are meant to visit that state of contentment, peace and bliss. It isn't very often in our culture that children are given time to really find themselves in this way.

I am so grateful that my children can live their peace through a life of having plenty of time to do what they want when they want to.

Recently, Devin has been baking a lot! He has learned so much about making breads from all over the world. Bread-making is something he learned from my mother from England. She shared her love and Devin now uses this love as his "secret ingredient". He loves to share his bread as an extention of his love for others.

Tiff is into cake decorating and making our home beautiful. She adorns our walls with cheerful works of art and creates sculptures for all all to enjoy. She is also an animal lover and because of her intense passion, we have gained many new family members in the last few months! Rabbits, chickens, fish, a turtle and a part-time snake.

Ivy is my little Zen master. She exhibits a calmness and strength about her that many adults take years to learn. She craves calmness, and quiet. She loves to when I read to her alone in her room, and loves to do yoga.

Orion loves big trucks and nursing. He is my constant companion and is learning so much from being on me, living life by my side.

Since beginning this blog years ago, I look back at the images and see how much my family has grown. I have such love and gratitude in my heart for all that we have experienced and have yet to experience together on this wonderful path of peace, love and Joy.

Thank you for reading and for being the "observer" of our life. We are happy to have you part of our family in this way.


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Robin said...

I loved reading about all of the different personalities in your family. Beautiful! :)

As the mom of a two and a half year old, I'm looking forward to seeing his personality develop (more than it has already!) over the upcoming years :)

Margaret said...

Well, thanks for having me :)

Debbie said...

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. It's inspiring to me, not only because you educate your children the way I'm trying to learn to, but the way you live your spirituality. Everything you say about love, intentions, joy, and so on touches my heart.

Chaotic Beauty said...

I am so thrilled to have found your blog!! My hard headed organized personality is fighting with what I know to be right regarding the world as our classroom vs. the dining room! It was so refreshing to come here and stumble upon your little family! Thank you so much, I cant wait to explore your world further and become even more inspired!