Saturday, March 19, 2011

Throwing Pots

I just completed a pottery class. It was a great experience! I took Orion, to my last class and he helped glaze my work. I was so glad they were cool with me bringing him. He really wanted to go with me that night.

Learning how to "throw pots" was a magical experience. I have wanted to take a pottery class for years. I am so glad that I did it! I am glad that my children can see that learning never ends and that life is about expansion and growth. I really enjoy my life of learning!

My friend Karissa taught the class. She was such a patient teacher and talented craftsman. I remember when I would make a mistake she would share that the clay could just be something else. I have one trivet, that purple swirly one, that was initially going to be a bowl. It turned into a plate and finally, that trivet when I just couldn't make anything else out of it. I loved how Karissa stayed so positive and supportive of my work, never looking at it as a mistake when things didn't go like I planned when I was working with the clay.

Karissa took my birthing class about 5 years ago. We bartered for class and we just now completed the barter. My class for hers. It was so worth it. I actually thought a lot about birth while making pottery. I don't know if it was because I was with Karissa and that was our initial connection, or if there really was a parallel. You really are in partnership birthing whatever is going to be of your clay. You can't control it, but you have to maintain a steady support and trust of the process.

Phil and Karissa own the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and are very talented artists. Phil gave Devin an amazing glass paperweight and vase years ago when he took my birthing class. Our family just loves Phil and Karissa and it was so nice to connect again and now, be learning from her. It was a blessing. Karissa was like a clay-Doula to me in every class. I loved that kind of support because pottery was challenging and I wanted to give up a few times.

One of the first steps of making something on the wheel is centering your clay. In order to do so, you must first center your mind. Creating pottery was a form of meditation for me. It took great focus and was much more physical than I thought it would be. At the same time it took great mental concentration.

I really enjoyed it and I would love to get a pottery wheel someday! I'm glad that I got to see Karissa in the depth of her passion. I got to know a side of her that I didn't know before. The give and take of life is so beautiful. Our friendship grew a new point of connection. I will always remember learning from her.

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CMT is ME- Love Resolves All said...

Hey Dayna, You reminded me that I too have been really interested in pottery... your work looks great. Candice