Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dangerous Passions

Over the last few months Devin has a growing interest in real weapons. He has always liked weapons and he has had many toy swords and Nerf guns over the years, but he's 12 now and things are evolving. It took me a while to get over being nervous of him owning and using them. These are really dangerous items! We've had several conversations about their safety and he keeps them out of reach of his siblings because that is what we do as unschoolers. Joe built him a safe place to explore them outside, complete with a dart board handing on a tree to practice using his Chinese throwing stars safely.
He has got nicked once or twice by his butterfly knife learning to swing it around. He learns a new level of respect for the weapons the more he uses them.

This is a new area of interest that I have had to grow and learn fro
m myself. I'm finding as my children get older and their passions shift to more and more complicated topics, I need to sometimes extensively research the topic myself for them to get the most our of the experience. The life of a radical unschooler is not for the lazy parent! It is constant rethinking, reevaluating, researching, stretching and growing. I wouldn't change it for the world. No matter what our kids are interested in we are their to support them.


The Seed That Grew said...

Wow! Full Wolverine style! I took Wade to an archery/hunting type shop once to buy him a slingshot. I was really uncomfortable around all the weaponry but he was totally into it. I am fine with my kids using knives, scissors etc. even the little ones. They watch and they learn how to use them safely. Chinese throwing stars hey! Lucky boy :)

SibeFamily said...

My boys also love weapons. They have some real ones, and enjoy making pretend ones too. A really good show Devin might like is called Deadliest Weapons, and you can view it on Netflix instantly right now. The episodes are full of science and history- and some gore! Have fun!

Olga Degtyareva said...

Hi Dayna,

our two boys are a bit younger than Devin, so I am eagerly following your stories about Devin's passions, also to get an idea of what's ahead of us in terms of unschooling parenting.
"It is constant rethinking, evaluating, researching, stretching and growing." I am curious what rethinking process did you go through with the weapons and wonder if you can share some of the details.

Love, Olga

The Tabangays said...

I don't know why it should shock me as much as it does and I assure you it's always a good thing, but I'm always just a little bit stunned at all the things we share in common. I too recently took up hooping (her locally we have the Merry Hoopsters)and then to read about Devin's evolving passion for weaponry was a trip for me as I too am going through the same thing with my 13 yr. old son. We are on the search right now for somewhere he can "safely" learn the art of ancient Japanese weaponry and trying to organize a group of kids who are interested in a little sword play (Trystan custom makes them outta pvc piping and foam noodles).

Jo said...

Love this post Dayna - my 5 yo loves toy weapons, and I suspect, like Devin, he'll eventually progress to want real weapons - he loves ninja stuff. I'm already wondering at what age could he safely have his own real penknife...(i'm thinking pretty soon...) - I'm going to show him those full on Wolverine hands - dude - they are crazy!! lol!

Mandy said...

I think this is great. My husband is a trained swordsman and if you are ever coming through TN, I'm sure he'd love to meet with your boys.

Anonymous said...

I think this is pretty cool about Devin. I can relate to your concerns. My boys like swords, but they also like guns. Last year my dh got them both their first guns and he has taught them how to use them safely. I'm over my 'concerns' now as I can see that they are responsible. They do also have the plastic light-sabers that they like to play 'Star Wars' with ;) That one usually doesn't require supervision :)