Saturday, July 30, 2011

Devin the Herbalist

Every since Devin was around three, he has been interested in herbs. He has learned so much over the years about the plants and herbs that naturally grow in our area. Every year he helps choose the herbs that we grow in our garden. When one of the kids get an injury they often go to Devin who recommends which herbs can help heal them or ease discomfort.

Recently, my friend Robin came over to visit and she pointed out that we have an abundance of plantain weed in our yard. Devin was so excited to learn about it and jumped online to research it extensively. He learned that it is great for bug bites and other minor scrapes and injuries.
He dried the leaves, ground them up and then added oil to make a salve.

Devin has so many passions and I love to witness his expansion and growth as he learns about all that interests him in life. He was so excited when I bought him a mortar and pestle! He loves using it to nurture his ever growing passion for herbs and herbology.

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Whollyraw said...

wonderfullness. there is so much to dive deeply into. Thank you so much Dayna, for being. <3