Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barefoot Kids

Our kids never wear shoes unless they have to because we are going into a store or somewhere where shoes are required. They has always preferred being barefoot. We recently bought them minimalist shoes. They love them!

Doing activities barefoot brings a lot of advantages to the body’s flexibility and mobility. It allows you to exercise, stretch, relax, and strengthen muscles you normally don’t get to use when wearing shoes.

Doing things barefoot also improves range of motion in ankles, feet, and toes because of movements that are more natural and free. It also heightens body awareness since the body has the sense of being freer than being shod. Balance and motion agility are also developed because doing things barefoot further stimulates the neurons and nerves that are essential to lower body movement. And because there are no heels to torture the foot heel and the ankle, it enhances natural posture and the alignment of the spine.

According to some ancient philosophies, life-force energy called Chi (also called Qi or Prana) can be absorbed through the soles of the feet. Ground Chi is absorbed automatically and unconsciously when walking barefoot, which increases the amount of Chi absorbed by the body.
It's said that you can consciously learn to absorb more Chi from the ground as you walk to increase your vitality, your capacity to do more work and your ability to think more clearly. Now there's a reason for going barefoot more often if we ever heard one!

"Set your feet free and your mind will follow." Society for Barefoot Living

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