Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Ink!

When I was in Australia, I decided to get a tattoo to honor my husband and also symbolize the driving force in my life - Love! Love for my life, my family and my friends. I am so full of love and love to give it freely and abundantly to others.

This is the Japanese symbol for love under Joe's name written in tribal script. Devin was with me for the whole experience and it was great having him by my side as I tattooed his fathers name on my wrist. Devin loved being part of it!

This is my friend Finn. He is the son of my friend Maree. He was really interested in learning about tattoos and tattooing. Being Unschooled, his passion for learning is infectious! I was so glad to have him watch me go through the experience. He asked a lot of questions and my tattoo artist was happy to have him there and answer anything he asked about.
One great thing about Australia is that children are welcome in the back of a tattoo studio. They aren't in most studios in America. There is definitely a higher level of freedom there compared to here in many ways. I loved being barefoot in the grocery stores too!

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