Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Year of New Experiences!

Unschooling is all about giving your child as big of a world as possible. I feel very blessed that we can give our children so many opportunities and experiences to learn and grow from. Devin and I did so many new things that we had never done before when we were in Australia. One of which was parasailing! It was incredible and so peaceful when we were up in the air together. We talked about how grateful we were and how beautiful the experience was. Devin reminded me to be present and breathe in the moment. Our trip to Australia together is something I will never forget.

The wild cockatoos were everywhere and feeding them was a special treat for me. In the evening they would all fly back to their nests and looking up to see them fly overhead was unbelievable for me to experience. I have never seen exotic birds in the wild like there were at the Great Barrier Reef area of Australia. Such paradise!

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