Thursday, December 29, 2011

Devin Visits Las Vegas

Devin and Joe went to Las Vegas this past November. They went to MineCon, which is a conference for lovers of the game, Minecraft. While they were there, they traveled to the desert, where Joe got some great photos of their adventure together. The landscape is breathtaking!

As Unschooling parents, it is our role to facilitate and nurture our children's passions and interests in life. Bringing Devin to MineCon was a dream for him. I am so glad we could make it come true! He learned so much and connected with the creators of the game itself. To be inspired by others who are passionate about what you are passionate about is all part of learning and growing in the most authentic, connected way. I am so grateful that Devin had that experience and that Joe was there to share it with him.

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