Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Introducing..... SEXY BIRTH!!

Here is the cover of my new book, Sexy Birth!

“Being responsible for your birth means shifting from a cultural place of control, to a place of trust and inner knowing that all is well and as it should be. It is a space of acceptance for what is and then from that position of well-being, informed decisions can be made. Making decisions from a place of fear or worry isn’t ideal, but unfortunately, in our culture, fear is what fuels most decisions. It is no wonder that birth becomes something very scary for most women. ” Page 2 of Sexy Birth

Dayna Martin brings you a new way to view birth. She breaks down the walls of conventional beliefs and busts through the myths that have been passed down down for generations, even within the naturally-minded birthing community!

Birth can be fun. Birth can be easy. Birth can be pleasurable, IF you know what to do and how to prepare  for the most intense and powerful of human experience.
Dayna is taking preorders for her ground-breaking, sure to be – best-selling book!
Sexy Birth breaks all the rules and takes it’s readers to a new awareness about birth and about LIFE!
“A Sexy Birth is a birth where trust and love are the predominant emotions guiding you through the entire process. Most women and professionals in our cutlture do not view birth in such a positive way and so much of it, they believe, is just by chance or luck. Nothing could be further from the truth! “

Pre-Order, SEXY BIRTH today!

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