Monday, January 28, 2013

Fast Dreams!

We recently went to Florida for a vacation. While we were there I pursued a life-long dream...
 When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a race car driver. It was a dream for many years. As I got older, this dream got overshadowed by a new dream - to become a writer. 
This experience was so fulfilling to me. My step-father raced for fun when I was a kid and it was so exciting being in his "pit crew." I will never forget this life experience! I am so grateful that Joe was supportive of this dream and encouraged me to pursue it. My kids were all there watching me and cheering me on.

This is a thumbs up to my step-Dad, Gordon, who raised me for over a decade. He was a race car driver and a wonderful father to me as a child. He died of brain cancer last year. I thought of you Dad, on lap two and cried tears of gratitude for the role that you played in my life.
I did it!!

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