Monday, April 22, 2013

NEW! "Sexy Birth" Cover

Here is the new cover for my book, "Sexy Birth." 
I absolutely love it! 

Here is a review that is on the back cover,

"Sexy Birth by Dayna Martin is part of a new wave of consciousness surrounding the way women choose to labor. As Martin describes it, “[a] Sexy Birth is a birth where trust and love are the predominant emotions guiding you through the entire process.” The phrase “trust birth” has been around for a long time, but this book brings a deeper meaning to the concept. Trusting birth isn’t just a mantra, it is a way of life and a way of accepting how different every pregnancy and birth can be. This book , based on Martin’s own experiences with pregnancy and ten years spent working as a Doula and Childbirth Educator, acknowledges that rigid expectations of how to behave during pregnancy, such as every woman adhering to one medically prescribed “pregnancy diet”, are dangerous (“I ate with my heart – perfectly individualized pregnancy nutrition!” says Martin.).

Sexy Birth is a guide to positive thinking in all aspects of pregnancy with practical advice for expecting mamas. It covers everything that average pregnancy guides cover, but with a sense of empowerment that is essential to a positive birth experience. She writes, “During my pregnancy with Orion, I did something I hadn’t done with the other three pregnancies. I achieved an even higher level of trust. I not only trusted myself and my baby, I trusted that the Universe itself was conspiring on my behalf, for all to go perfectly for me.”

The book is full of interesting facts and ideas that had me talking non-stop over dinner with even my non-birthy friends (once you learn about the nutritional benefits of ingesting sperm, you likely never forget). Sexy Birth is SEXY. The existence of self-empowered, positive, and loving birth experiences is one that everyone should be aware of. Perhaps, the most inspiring part of the whole book is in Martin’s final thoughts where she reaches out to her readers for the last time. She says, “We are the creators of love and light that cannot be dimmed, unless we allow others to manage and control our birthing experience. When we take full responsibility for how our babies enter this world, we have the power to change humanity for the better.”

Don’t wait to read this one. –Squat Birth Journal

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